At Eola Point Animal Hospital, we offer a range of veterinary services to care for your pet's health from nose to tail. Our veterinarians and staff provide compassionate care to help keep your pets happy and healthy. A veterinarian in Aurora, IL, is here to help.


Preventative Care and Preventative Medications

Regular wellness exams and preventative medication allow us to catch problems early before they become serious issues. We provide senior pet care programs, dental cleanings, heartworm/flea/tick medication, nutritional advice, and more.

Wellness Exams

Annual exams give us a look at your pet's health. We might check his vitals, weight, joints and mobility, eyes, ears, mouth, skin, coat, heart, lungs, abdomen, and overall body condition. Wellness exams help identify health issues early so that your pet can get treatment for them.


Microchipping your pet provides permanent identification if he ever gets lost. The rice-sized chip is implanted under the skin and contains your contact info. Animal shelters can then scan pets for these chips to reunite lost pets with owners.


We can administer core vaccines as well as those recommended for your pet's lifestyle and risk factors. Keeping your pet up to date on rabies, distemper, bordetella, leukemia, and other vaccines helps prevent dangerous communicable diseases.

Diagnostic Services

In-house diagnostics allow us to more thoroughly assess your pet's health. This also allows us to help get results earlier that if we had needed to order tests done from another animal hospital.

Ultrasound Imaging

Ultrasound lets us visualize your pet's internal organs, muscles, joints, and bodily structures. It assists with pregnancy detection/confirmation, evaluating abdominal issues, guiding biopsy needles, and more.

Surgical Care

Our surgical services allow us to perform life-saving surgery as well as spays, neuters, mass removals, and more. We offer general anesthesia and employ protocols to help ensure your pet's safety.

Emergency & Urgent Care

Our animal hospital provides emergency care for serious conditions like trauma, respiratory distress, toxicity, sudden weakness, and more. We're also here for urgent care needs like vomiting, diarrhea, infections, and injuries that can't wait for your regular vet appointment.

Get Veterinary Services from a Veterinarian Near You at Our Animal Hospital

We want to provide the appropriate care for your pets, from their first vaccines to senior pet care. Contact us at Eola Point Animal Hospital for a veterinarian in Aurora, IL, to learn more about our veterinary services and schedule your pet's visit today. Call us at (630) 236-8730 for veterinary services from a veterinarian near you.

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